Đồng hồ đo UV ACCU-CAL 50-LED

Đồng hồ đo UV ACCU-CAL 50-LED có thể đo năng lượng ánh sáng phát ra từ các ống dẫn sáng (3 mm, 5 mm và 8 mm), hệ thống đèn pha LED, đầu đèn LED BlueWave QX4. Có độ nhạy quang phổ từ 350 đến 450 nm, Đồng hồ đo UV ACCU-CAL 50-LED đo cường độ từ 1 mW/cm 2 đến 40 W/cm 2 .

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Mô tả


  • Measures range up to 40 W/cm²
  • Sensitive at measuring stray or reflected visible light (as little as 1 mW/cm²)
  • Only one calibration per year
  • Set screw locks lightguide in place
  • PTB and NIST traceable
  • Simple to operate
  • Accurate measurement of curing energy
  • Can measure energy levels emitted from lightguides (3 mm, 5 mm, and 8 mm), BlueWave® QX4® LED heads, and LED flood lamps
  • Possesses a spectral sensitivity range of 350 – 450 nm
  • Intensity measurement from 1 mW/cm² to 40 W/cm²
  • Ideal for measuring LED curing source energy levels
  • Specially designed photo-sensor assembly provides repeatable measurements and protection from high temperatures


Property Specifications
Spectral Sensitivity 350 to 450 nm
Intensity Range 1 mW/cm² to 40 W/cm²
Resolution Intensity (1 mW/cm²; to three significant digits)
Dose (1 mJ/cm²)
Calibration Period 12 months
Operating Temperature Ranges Optometer +5 to +40°C
Detector 120°C continuous, Peak 200°C
Measurement Modes Intensity (mW/cm²)
Peak Intensity (mW/cm²)
Dose (mJ/cm²)
Light Sources Lightguides (3 mm, 5 mm, and 8 mm), BlueWave® QX4® LED Wands, LED Flood Lamps, BlueWave® MX-275
Power Supply Two (2) AA batteries
Battery Life 250 hours (automatic shutoff after 1 hour)
Sensor Dimensions Photo-Sensor Diameter = 9 mm
Diameter = 37 mm
Thickness = 8 mm
Cable Length = 1 M
Meter Dimensions 145 mm (Length) x 63 mm (Width) x 30 mm (Thickness)
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