Keo UV 9202-W

Designed for optical alignment applications, 9202-W is a next-generation UV cure adhesive formulated with low-sensitizing ingredients designed to produce a safer adhesive for consumer wearable device assembly. Known skin sensitizers such as IBOA (isobornyl acrylate) have been intentionally removed from the product without compromising the top quality or performance associated with Dymax products.

UV light-curable 9202-W adhesive is made for applications such as optical alignment and lens positioning where low shrinkage, high viscosity, and reliability performance are essential to the quality and clarity of an image and/or integrity of the device.

When AV/VR headsets, smartwatches, and earbud wearable devices are touching or near the skin, the materials used within them must be the safest as possible for the human body in the event of extreme conditions causing leaching or improper cure.

9202-W optical alignment and lens positioning adhesive is in full compliance with RoHS directives 2015/863/EU.

See our 2000-MW series of biocompatible IBOA- and TPO-free adhesives for medical wearables assembly.

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  • Free of IBOA (isobornyl acrylate), a known skin sensitizer
  • Cure using UV/Visible light
  • One-part formulation – no mixing
  • No solvents added
  • Made with low-sensitizing ingredients


Property Values
Viscosity (nominal) 260,000
Uncured appearance light yellow, opaque paste
Volumetric shrinkage 3.6%
Cured durometer hardness D88
Recommended substrates PC, PET, PMMA, Glass, Stainless Steel
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