Keo UV 9204-W

Designed for optical bonding applications found in consumer wearables, low-stress 9204-W features very low modulus and low shifting after reliability testing. This optical bonding adhesive is suitable for sealing and packaging due to its high elongation that provides a buffer layer to absorb impact and vibration in optical devices and plastic parts assembly.

9204-W is used to assemble components within smartwatches, earbuds, and AV/VR headsets. In the event of extreme conditions causing leaching or improper cure, this product is designed to be as safe as possible when consumer wearables are touching or near the skin.

For medical wearable device assembly, see the Dymax 2000-MW series of biocompatible IBOA- and TPO-free adhesives.

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  • Cure using UV/Visible light
  • One-part formulation – no mixing
  • No solvents added


Property Values
Viscosity (nominal) 30,000
Uncured appearance colorless, translucent liquid
Cured durometer hardness A85
Recommended substrates LCP; PC; PS, silicon
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