Keo UV 9210-W

Dual-cure 9210-W electronic encapsulant is designed for FPC reinforcement, selective coating, and component encapsulation applications in consumer wearable devices.

The product cures with light energy first and then ambient moisture for parts where shadow areas are present. 9210-W is IBOA-free and formulated with low-sensitizing ingredients to make it as safe as possible when wearables are touching or near the skin.

The electronic encapsulation material exhibits great performance in reliability testing and bonds well to typical electronic substrates, including polyimide, polyamide, and FR4.

9210-W dual-cure encapsulant is in full compliance with RoHS directives 2015/863/EU.

For medical wearable device assembly, see the Dymax 2000-MW series of biocompatible IBOA- and TPO-free adhesives.

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  • Free of IBOA (isobornyl acrylate), a known skin sensitizer
  • UV Broad spectrum light curable
  • UV LED curable (365 nm or 405 nm)
  • Secondary ambient moisture cure for shadow area curing
  • One-part formulation – no mixing
  • No solvents added


Property Values
Viscosity (nominal) 29,000 cP
Uncured appearance Colorless
Cured durometer hardness D55-D75
Cured elongation at break 28.2%
Cured linear shrinkage 0.85%
Recommended substrates PA, PI, FR4
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