Keo UV 9622

Dymax 9622 is designed for the instant casting of LEDs, LED die attach, and rapid, room-temperature coating of LED arrays. This product has a high viscosity for dome shapes and is optimized for applications where the continuous operating temperature is below 100°C [212°F] and production speed is critical.

Dymax materials have no solvents added and cure upon exposure to UV/Visible light for fast processing, greater output, and reduced processing costs. When cured with Dymax light-curing spot lamps, focused beam lamps, or flood lamps, they deliver optimum speed and performance for LED protection.

This product is in full compliance with RoHS Directives 2015/863/EU.

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  • UV/Visible light cure for fastest processing
  • High viscosity for dome shape
  • Very low VOCs
  • One component – no mixing
  • Heat resistant up to 100°C
  • Resistant to long-term UV exposure
  • High light transmittance
  • Durometer between silicone and epoxy
  • Compliant with RoHS directives 2015/863/EU


Property Values
Viscosity (nominal) 12,000 cP
Uncured appearance Clear gel
Cured durometer hardness D65
Recommended substrates Glass; Stainless Steel; PC
Cure time 1 second (using 2000-EC @ 50 mW/cm2)
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