Keo UV 9803

Dymax 9803 low shrinkage optical epoxy adhesive offers superior adhesion for common substrates used in camera modules and LiDAR assemblies, in active alignment, and other optical bonding applications. The adhesive has the unique flexibility to cure in seconds with LED and/or UV/Visible light as well as low temperature heat for shadow areas.

In addition, 9803 meets critical low-outgassing specifications making it ideal for complex optical positioning applications such as lens bonding, bonding the lens barrel to holder or bonding the holder to printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The one component epoxy requires cold shipment and cold storage (and should be kept between 1°C [34° F] -and 5°C [41°F]) but does not require frozen shipment or storage conditions. The epoxy has improved 85°C/85% RH resistance, exhibits less overall movement through thermal excursions and features higher viscosity and thixotropy to maintain bead shape upon dispense.

Meets NASA ASTM E595 low-outgassing specifications and follows RoHS directives 2015/863/EU.

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  • Rapid LED or UV/Visible light and/or heat cure
  • Very low volumetric shrinkage
  • High Tg and Low CTE
  • Low ASTM E595 Outgassing
  • No frozen storage, refrigerated shipment/storage 1-5°C [34-41° F]


Property Values
Viscosity (nominal) 86,000 (nominal)
Uncured appearance Off white opaque to charcoal translucent gel
Volumetric shrinkage 1.1%
Recommended substrates ABS; CAP; FR-4 Board; LCP; PC; PET; PPS; PS; Stainless Steel; Aluminum; Glass; Magnesium
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