Keo UV 9906-AA

Dymax 9906-AA is a heat and/or LED light-curable epoxy adhesive designed specifically for use in Asia. This active alignment adhesive meets NASA ASTM E595 low-outgassing specifications making it ideal for critical optical components, camera modules, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, and other ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) assemblies.

9906-AA has the flexibility to cure in seconds upon exposure to LED and/or UV/Visible light as well as low temperature heat to accommodate a variety of application needs including lens bonding, bonding the lens barrel to holder, or bonding the holder to printed circuit boards (PCBs).

With improved 85°C/85% RH resistance, this epoxy adhesive exhibits less overall movement through thermal excursions. It also features higher viscosity and thixotropy to maintain bead shape upon dispense.

9906-AA requires cold ship, cold storage and should be kept between 1°C [34◦ F] and 5°C [41◦F] and not frozen.

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  • Rapid LED or UV/Visible light-cure
  • Low temperature heat cure (80-85°C)
  • Low shrinkage
  • Single component, requires no mixing
  • Passes ASTM E595 Outgassing Testing
  • Improved 85°C/85% RH resistance


Property Values
Viscosity (nominal) 86,000
Uncured appearance Off white opaque to charcoal translucent gel
Volumetric shrinkage 1.1%
Recommended surfaces LCP; PCB; PPS; FPC; Metallic
Recommended substrates ABS; CAP; FR-4 Board; LCP; PC; PET; PPS; PS; Stainless Steel; Aluminum; Glass; Magnesium
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